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0000149: [Applications] IRCC becomes unstable with 0.34 version (r9091 --> r9092) (hidnplayr)
0000178: [General] Enhancement: Improve distribution text 'README' credits (ace_dent)
0000165: [Applications] KBD (Bus Off in KolibriOS System Panel) - crashes on startup, PC with AMD A76M Fusion chipset (Bolton-M3) of Lenovo G505S laptop (Doczom)
0000102: [Applications] kbd crashes in kolibriOS on virtualbox (Doczom)
0000148: [Applications] buddhabrot 2D demo does not launch (dunkaist)
0000144: [Drivers] AHCI driver works only with first founded controller (punk_joker)
0000145: [Kernel] is_region_userspace breaks sf4 for asciiz string and large esi (Doczom)
0000133: [Kernel] Сбой работы ядра при вызове 74 сисфункции (Doczom)
0000143: [Drivers] Conflict in disk naming when MB contain IDE and AHCI controller (punk_joker)
0000130: [Applications] Баг в HexEditor
0000123: [General] Add more useful links to the header of (dunkaist)
0000129: [Kernel] sf76.4 (ARP) crashes (hidnplayr)
0000127: [Applications] typos in English Calendar app, also days don't show correctly (dunkaist)
0000122: [Kernel] getaddrinfo function hangs indefinitely when network is not connected (hidnplayr)
0000126: [Applications] Pipes win message bug (dunkaist)
0000121: [Applications] kpack and kerpack for Linux don't build (dunkaist)
0000037: [Applications] T_edit bug with lines after 101
0000024: [Applications] Ac97snd: tiny unexpected black square after closing "playlist" window (Mario)
0000105: [Kernel] Kernel restart is broken
0000115: [Applications] Баг окна IRC клиента (hidnplayr)
0000082: [Applications] Setup application draws junk on the bottom of window (gtament)
0000101: [General] KolibriOS crashes on shutdown (hidnplayr)
0000007: [Applications] Kox: PC violates the rules (Mario)
0000103: [General] /fd2/1 это дупликат (is a duplicate of) /fd/1 & Eolite crashes on /hd{0|1}/1 under QEMU (dunkaist)
0000098: [Kernel] File system error on FAT16 formatted hard disk (qemu) (dunkaist)
0000097: [Kernel] Kernel Hangs while trying to parse incorrect executable header.
0000081: [Applications] IRCc reacts strange on /quit command (hidnplayr)
0000070: [Applications] Unaligned text in IRCc (gtament)
0000076: [Applications] FindNumbers is in russian.
0000021: [Applications] docpack: extension ".TXT" in every field (Izikiel)
0000072: [Applications] 'file' submenu in tinypad is not highlighted correctly. (hidnplayr)
0000013: [Applications] ICON: page fault at icon change (Mario)
0000016: [Applications] DOCPACK: do we need grobfar.txt? (SoUrcerer)
0000001: [Applications] uPDF : blinking during window redraw (SoUrcerer)
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