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0000162Kolibri OS (trunk)Kernelpublic2022-01-30 10:09
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Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformAny x86 / Любой x86OSKolibriOSOS VersionSVN autobuilds
Product VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Target VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Summary0000162: Only 1531 MB from 16GB of RAM are visible (checked by System Monitor) to KolibriOS floppy inside a BIOS of Lenovo G505S laptop
DescriptionI understand that KolibriOS is a 32-bit kernel, but I think there should be like 3GB or 4GB of RAM accessible to it and not just 0000013:0000001.5GB . Having more RAM allows for bigger RAM disks and maybe other cool stuff, so would be nice to have.r
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SVN revision / ревизия SVNr9675
Type of distribution / Тип дистрибутиваimg / образ дискеты


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