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0000153Kolibri OS (trunk)Applicationspublic2024-02-23 21:40
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Summary0000153: NETSTAT could not apply the custom IP address settings - page fault or just nothing happens
DescriptionIn example, the automatic DHCP settings failed and you would like to set up a static IP address for your KolibriOS PC. However, NETSTAT's Configure menu does not work: when you click "Apply" in the "IP settings" pop-up window, nothing changes and the new custom IP settings do not get applied. I either see a page fault on debug board, or simply nothing happens.

How to reproduce: this happens if, instead of connecting a Kolibri OS PC's Ethernet to the domestic router, I connect it to another PC (for the purpose of sharing its' WiFi connection over Ethernet to KolibriOS laptop) - which probably doesn't have a DHCP configured properly at the moment.

P.S. Also, the arrow left/right keyboard keys don't work, forcing you to use a mouse each time you need to move a text cursor without altering the text contents.
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SVN revision / ревизия SVNr9675
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2022-01-29 19:24

developer   ~0000231

Luckily, the change in settings applies - but only after I disconnect the Ethernet cable and connect it again. This isn't obvious and might confuse a new user. If this has to be done, please show a notification asking a user to do this - or, better, please make it so the Ethernet connection is restarted by software and the settings are automatically applied, to avoid the need of reattaching a cable.


2024-02-23 21:40

developer   ~0000253

Currently, IP addresses are managed by @zeroconf program.
Netstat only changes the config file that is used by @zeroconf, but there is no mechanism in place to trigger it to apply the changes immediately yet.

A current manual solution is to kill @zeroconf and restart it, but it is not how it should actually work.

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