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0000125Kolibri OS (trunk)Kernelpublic2018-04-21 20:05
Reporterremichie Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformAny x86 / Любой x86OSKolibriOSOS VersionSVN autobuilds
Summary0000125: Power off or reboot freeze
DescriptionKolibriOS freezes on power off or restart with or without save settings ticked.
HP T5530 thin client
Processor VIA C7 800 MHz
Hdd Flash 128Mb
Memory RAM 64Mb
Video Chip Via S3, Max resolution 1600 x 1200 32-bit colour
Steps To ReproducePower off or restart KolibriOS with or without save settings
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SVN revision / ревизия SVNKolibri OS night build
Type of distribution / Тип дистрибутиваany / любой


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2018-04-21 19:57 remichie New Issue
2018-04-21 20:05 remichie SVN revision / ревизия SVN => Kolibri OS night build