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0000113Kolibri OS (trunk)Applicationspublic2016-08-27 18:18
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Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformAny x86 / Любой x86OSKolibriOSOS VersionSVN autobuilds
Product VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Summary0000113: Kfar selection loss on Home, PgDn, Down, Up, PgUp
DescriptionOpen Kfar on ramdisk, press Home, PgDn, Down, Up, PgUp. Selection disappears.

It seems that kfar doesn't redraw a panel if position of currently selected item doesn't change. But for PgUp (when the very top item is selected) an item under cursor changes and the panel must be redrawn.
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SVN revision / ревизия SVN
Type of distribution / Тип дистрибутиваany / любой



2016-08-27 18:18


kfar_no_selection.png (19,287 bytes)   
kfar_no_selection.png (19,287 bytes)   

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