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0000164Kolibri OS (trunk)Applicationspublic2022-02-26 20:21
Reporterfloppy121 Assigned Tohidnplayr  
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Product VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Target VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Summary0000164: programs/network/synergyc: trying to start it, getting "Uh-Oh.. some error occured !" instantly at program launch
DescriptionI don't fully understand the purpose of Synergy client - just reporting a bug...
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SVN revision / ревизия SVNr9675
Type of distribution / Тип дистрибутиваimg / образ дискеты



2022-02-26 20:21

developer   ~0000238

The reason is that you are missing the config file.
It is not included in the main distro.

Purpose is explained here
Unfortunately official synergy client/server changed license and are no longer free.

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