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0000152Kolibri OS (trunk)Applicationspublic2022-01-28 15:34
Reporterfloppy121 Assigned Toleency  
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PlatformAny x86 / Любой x86OSKolibriOSOS VersionSVN autobuilds
Product VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Target VersionSVN build / автосборка SVN 
Summary0000152: uNZ 0.2 - extraction of 7z archive fails to "/tmp0/1/" but succeeds to /tmp0/1 (no trailing / at the end)
DescriptionuNZ 0.2 seems to be picky regarding the "Extract to" path.

Pick a 7z archive like "ircc_0.31_vigenere_13july2018.7z" from this thread:

It was packed with
7z a -m0=Deflate ./ircc_0.31_vigenere_13july2018.7z ./ircc_0.31_vigenere_13july2018/
command, and contains a directory ./ircc_0.31_vigenere_13july2018/ together with files inside.

If I choose to extract it to /tmp0/1/ - despite the "Unpacked successfuly" notification message (btw notice a typo at "successfuly" word - should be double "l") , I can't see any files at /tmp0/1" RAM disk. However, if I choose the extraction path as /tmp0/1 without a trailing / - then it unpacks really successfully and I'm able to see and use the extracted files.

This problem isn't obvious and might confuse a new KolibriOS user, so I'm setting a high priority.
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SVN revision / ревизия SVNr9673
Type of distribution / Тип дистрибутиваany / любой


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