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0000139Kolibri OS (trunk)[All Projects] Kernelpublic2021-06-20 13:592021-06-20 14:00
Any x86 / Любой x86KolibriOSSVN autobuilds
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any / любой
0000139: Can't access a partition that was locked by a crashed process
Current FS code works like this: lock (a mutex guarding access to) a partition, read/write data, unlock the partition.
When a thread crashes while reading/writing, the partition is left locked. Therefore other programs can't acquire the lock and access that partition anymore.

In theory, kernel could release acquired locks when threads crash. In practice, kernel has no idea what locks have been acquired by a given thread.
It is possilble to modify FS code to fill an array of acquired locks. In fact, this is very similar to an array of file descriptors.

So, resolution of this issue could be a side effect of file descriptors when they are implemented. [^]
fasm, fs, kernel
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