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Any x86 / Любой x86KolibriOSSVN autobuilds
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any / любой
0000132: DOSBox fails to 'dir' root directories
DOSBox 'dir' command doesn't work since r6868, details on the screenshots.
This is because of changed return code of sysfn70.5 (GetFIleInfo) for root dirs (e.g. /hd0/1/).
If you change return code of sysfn70.5 for root dirs from 0 to 2 (as it was before r6868), DOSBox will 'dir' correctly.
1. Boot KolibriOS with HDD attached, run DOSBox.
2. > mount c /hd0/1/
3. > C:
4. > dir
c, fs, HLL, kernel
png dosbox_r6867.png (14,324) 2021-04-02 13:17

png dosbox_r6868.png (13,256) 2021-04-02 13:17
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